Young Changemakers


Ashoka's Work With Young Changemakers

Changemakers are individuals who have the skills, confidence and sense of responsibility to bring about lasting change in their community, organization, or area they are most needed. Over three decades Ashoka has recognized that common core skills unite changemakers worldwide - Empathy, Creativity, Leadership, and Teamwork. 

Ashoka works with young people through different initiatives all over the world to support them as Changemakers. At the moment, 700 Ashoka Fellows – leading social entrepreneurs - in 22 countries are working directly with young people, providing them with opportunities to lead from an early age and develop the skills which are necessary for thriving in a rapidly changing world.


Initiatives Supporting Young Changemakers in Scandinavia


During Ashoka's Young Changemaker Camps, young social entrepreneurs gather for workshops to meet, inspire each other, exchange stories and begin developing conversations around what is needed for changemaking in Scandinavia. The objective is to support existing young changemakers in Scandinavia as well the growth of changemakers in the region. Young Changemaker Camps are a partnership between Ashoka Scandinavia and the Ekskäret Foundation. 

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A vibrant community of action to support and ignite social innovation. Open source competitions are launched with Ashoka partners to gather the world’s leading innovators, their ideas, and supporters, forming a network for collaboration between people, and even teams of people. Changemakers provides the platform where ideas and feedback are shared and refined; innovators receive feedback from their peers and thought leaders; and funder and investors can connect to evaluate and support innovations showing the most promise for scaled-up impact.



A global initiative co-hosted by Ashoka with Ben & Jerry’s which aims to build a movement of young Changemakers worldwide. Winners are social entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-33 called “bright sparks” - who have ignited socially, environmentally and financially sustainable businesses and wish to build and develop them. As part of their prize, winners receive 6 months of mentoring from Ashoka, €10,000 and their venture name on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. In 2014, the competition will be held in 13 countries, which includes Scandinavian countries. 

Visit the Join Our Core Competition Website


Ashoka Changemaker Xchange is a platform for collaboration among the world's most inspiring young social entrepreneurs. These youths lead social ventures that generate measurable impact on the world. The platform gives them the opportunity to exchange knowledge, challenge themselves, and refine their projects.

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