Our Team


Maja Frankel, Director

Maja Frankel joined Ashoka in December 2011 to launch and be the Director of Ashoka Scandinavia. Maja is a life-long social entrepreneur: At age 16 Maja became the Sweden Youth Delegate during the United Nations Special Session about Young People’s Rights and at age 18 she became a UNICEF youth ambassador, a role that led her to write a book called 'Vår förbannade Rätt' where she did portraits of 20 young people from all over the world. Maja Frankel is the founder of Frankel & Friends, a consulting/methodology firm that focuses on social democracy projects, and the initiative FutureBox, that takes advantages of young people as a resource in policy making, encouraging social entrepreneurship and civic commitment. Educated at Sodertorns University and Kaospilots, she has a great experience of strategic and board work, most recently as second chairman on the board of UNICEF and on the board of Social Entrepreneurship Forum (SE Forum) and as a part of the advisory board for meeting point social innovation. mfrankel@ashoka.org. Location: Stockholm, Sweden.


Christina Lidén, Office Manager

Christina holds a Bachelor’s degree in global studies and international development with a special focus on Post-colonialism. Christina has a long history working with NGO’s both as a volunteer, board member and an employee including The Swedish Red Cross, Friends and Doctors of the World. cliden@ashoka.org +46 72 579 73 76+46 72 579 73 76. Location: Stockholm, Sweden.






Helga Øvsthus Tønder, Co-Director Scandinavia, Country Director Norway

Helga has a background in rhetoric’s and communication. Her interest in social justice and entrepreneurship has taken her from Norway to Uganda to the US, working in startups, non-profits and social enterprises. She comes to Ashoka Scandinavia after spending the past four years in working first in Houston with the media startup Energy People Connect, and then in Los Angeles with the think tank RAND Corporation, and the combined non-profit and social enterprise Chrysalis. Prior to this Helga worked with the Norwegian NGO Strømme Foundation and Operation Dayswork, on the largest solidarity and fundraising campaign for youth in Norway. hotonder@ashoka.org +47 95 87 97 41. Location: Oslo, Norway.





Emma Lindgren, Program Manager

Emma holds a Master’s Degree in International Business and Politics from the Copenhagen Business School. Her passion for driving social change has led her to engage in several initiatives focusing on sustainable development and social entrepreneurship. Prior to joining Ashoka, Emma was part of establishing a sustainability-consulting firm in Stockholm, where she spent most of her time managing a business network which gathered business leaders to learn and act around climate change. In 2014 she led Sweden’s largest sustainability initiative for youth, empowering over 10.000 high-school students to act as changemakers in their local communities. During her studies Emma co-founded 180 Degrees Consulting Copenhagen, a student driven consulting organization supporting NGO’s and social enterprises to improve their social impact. She has also been active in promoting social entrepreneurship among students through arranging an annual social entrepreneurship competition. Besides Sweden and Denmark, she has lived and worked in the UK, France and Ecuador. elindgren@ashoka.org +46 760 45 44 25Location: Stockholm, Sweden.