Changemaker Schools


What Is The Ashoka Changemaker Schools Network?

Ashoka Changemaker Schools is a global network launched by Ashoka to identify, connect, and support innovative schools around the world that are empowering young people by equipping them with core skills that are commonly found among Changemakers across the world - Empathy, Creativity, Leadership, Teamwork - and, enabling young people to unleash the full potential of themselves and others from an early age.

Why Changemaker Schools? 

Ashoka believes that every young person can be a changemaker - equipped with these skills, and therefore, ready and able to address social challenges, drive change and thrive in a rapidly changing world now and in the future. By selecting, partnering with and supporting schools that are ready and able to lead a transformation in education, such that Changemaker Skills become essential to teaching and learning. Ashoka aims to foster a world where every young person understands and expresses empathy, creativity, leadership and teamwork to bring about lasting change in their communities, organizations, lives, society and wherever they are most needed as adults.

Ashoka Changemaker Schools Around the World

Within the next 3 years, Ashoka will include several hundred schools in the network worldwide. In Scandinavia, a small number of schools (up to university level) will be selected into the program each year.

What Does a Changemaker School Look Like?

The videos below show examples of how schools in the United States are working with the Changemaker Skill of Empathy.


Ashoka Changemaker Schools in Scandinavia

In Scandinavia, Ashoka is creating a network of schools (up to university level) from Sweden, Denmark and Norway that are cultivating Changemaker Skills among students. No two Changemaker Schools look the same in how these skills are cultivated, but they will be united under a broad set of common characteristics in relation to their vision, learning environment, innovation and leadership.

Each year, a small number of Changemaker Schools will be selected across Scandinavia by applying Ashoka's 35 year old methodology of searching and selecting the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. Leading Changemaker Schools in Scandinavia will therefore be connected to a global network of education institutions that see changemaker skills as the future, are leading the way, and are open to co-creating an Everyone A Changemaker world with each other and Ashoka.


Download the Brochure

Learn more about the network, how schools can participate in the Selection Process, and the value of being a Changemaker School by downloading the Brochure!   

Nominate a School: Online Form

Ashoka learns about Changemaker Schools by actively searching to identify them and through nominations from you - our community! Nominate schools to the program by going to our online Nomination Form. 

Promote Empathy in Schools 

Co-created by Changemaker Schools and Ashoka Fellows, this toolkit provides a roadmap for promoting empathy among young people in schools.