Ashoka Scandinavia Elects Four New Fellows!

Release Date: 
September 17, 2013

Ashoka Scandinavia are pleased to announce the election of 4 new Ashoka Fellows in Scandinavia for 2013!

Dennis Lennartsson (Sweden), Eddi Eidsvåg (Norway), Kjartan Eide (Norway), and Lone Koldby (Norway) all passed Ashoka’s lengthy and rigorous search and selection process as of last week and are now officially a part of the Ashoka Fellowship.

Below you can read more about each of our new Fellows. During the coming weeks we will also share more links, information and videos of each Fellow in our social media channels, so make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to learn more! 

Dennis Lennartsson, European Sign Language Center (ESLC)  

 Problem he is solving: Of the 70 million deaf people in the world, 80% are unable to read or write. Today, learning sign languages is expensive and is often taught through classes that are rarely individualized or specialized in their content. Due to these limitations, many parents and family members often lack the tools needed to engage with their loved ones. 

The idea: ESLC is combining a free of charge global platform of signs, a network of local partners and tools fostering the inclusion of illiterate and deaf in society as full economic citizens. 


Eddi Eidsvåg, Pobelsprojektet 

Problem he is solving: One third of young people in Norway drop out of school before completing high school. Many of them do not know the resources they already have to offer and the opportunities they can take advantage of.

The idea: Eddi has designed a program around what resources these young people already have to contribute to society, which he is proving are attractive to the job market. Pøbelprosjektet has formed a network of more than one thousand Pøbel businesses that agree to take on Pøbel youth after training.

Kjartan Eide, Trivsellederne


Problem he is solving: In many schools, young children experience boredom and inactivity during recess, leaving a gap where conflict, bullying, and poor health outcomes easily emerge.

The idea: Trivselsprogrammet (TL), is an activity program for continuous active play in elementary and junior high schools. Through student elected “Activity Leaders”  TL are instilling practice of personal leadership, active play, and teamwork, Kjartan enables children to create a school environment that is free from verbal and physical bullying.

Lone Koldby, Aktivitetsdosetten  

 Problem she is solving: Many elderly in nursing homes today experience poor life quality and insufficient fulfillment of their rights as individuals. They are prescribed more medicine than necessary leading to many elderly spending upwards of 18 hours per day sleeping or sitting passively.  

The idea: Aktivitetsdosetten are incorporating individualized activity and social interaction into daily life, with the same priority as medicines have today. Nursing staff is trained as “activity doctors” and “prescribe” activities based on the patients’ interests.


Help keep the movement alive! Nominate Ashoka Fellow candidates that you feel meet the criteria of New Idea, Entrepreneurial Quality, Creativity, Social Impact, and Ethical Fiber by going to Deadline to Nominate Candidates: December 15, 2013. Thank you for contributing to our efforts to reach an Everyone a Changemaker World!